Top Home Security Tips for Homeowners

security-390792_640Home security is something that is vital, it is likely that not only precious possessions but memories and keepsakes are kept within your home, and the thought of losing a hard drive full of family photos or precious jewellery is a nightmare for so many of us. There are things you can do to help keep your home as secure as possible.

If your home has been owned by others, changing the locks is always wise whether you are suspicious or not of the previous owners. You never know who has had access and made copies of keys.

Using a security company such as for alarms, cameras and window grilles can be a very wise move. Ensuring your home is alarmed and that security cameras are in position in the prominent parts of your home can be enough to put off potential criminals, or at least provide evidence should the worst happen.

Make sure you give the illusion someone is in the house when you’re out. Having an entrance light or even a motion activated light can make sure that burglars are put off by being in plain sight.

If you’re hiding a spare key, don’t put it somewhere obvious! People will look in mailboxes and under obvious plant pots, so having somewhere sneaky to keep a spare and only telling family is wise, if you have to leave a spare somewhere at all!

Following a few simple precautions can make all the difference and the process is as much about putting off potential burglars as anything else.


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